Stage 3 Cancer – Potential Life Endangerment

There are some pretty perilous diseases which prove ominous to one’s health and stage 3 cancer is one such among the dreaded ailments. As is common knowledge, cancer is a pretty severe disease and the recovery processes are excruciatingly painful  which entails a lot of physical and  mental trauma. Chemotherapy is a common curing factor which causes severe hair loss and excessive nausea. Coming back to the topic of stage three cancer, it is evident from the name that this disease has various stages and in this article we shall talk about the third stage.

The stage 3 cancer is the most dreaded part of this disease and is just one level short of death. However if you know about it there are slim chances of a low rate of patient survival. In case of stage two of cancer the chances of survival surpass those with stage 3 cancer. The longevity period is far more durable. Actually before one delves deeper into the various details of the cancer stages, let us make an intensive study of cancer and know more about it.

Stage 3 Cancer

The malignant development of the cellular tissues is called cancer and in this process the faulty cells are not discarded properly. The cancer cells spread at a rapider rate than their normal counterparts and before you know it, it has affected the entire organ. The bodily functions also get impacted in a negative manner and you tend to experience some telltale signs which should definitely prompt a confirmation check up. Losing weight at a rapid rate and feeling cold are some signs of getting cancer. If you are feeling fatigued and have night sweats a call to the doctor is definitely in order.

Each stage of this disease indicates the distance the tumour has spread in the inner regions of your system. In stage 3 cancer, the tumour spreads itself to the nearby body parts and the lymph nodes. However it does not fully metastasize in stage 3 cancer.

More On Stage 3 Cancer

You must be wondering  the chances of survival in the case of stage 3 cancer. Well that depends upon the type of cancer which you have and how far has it affected your system. If you have lung cancer and you are in stage 3 cancer, the survival rates are fifteen point 5 percent and it is totally different in other cancer cases. In stage 3 cancer of the colon the survival rate is round sixty four percent. That signifies that after the initial confirmation check up, the patients will live around another five years of their lives.

Conclusion On Stage 3 Cancer

The fact that anyone has been infected with cancer is a great tragedy in itself and acquiring the stage 3 cancer is heartbreaking. But do remember that science isn’t always the ultimate however you may look up the relevant medical details on the websites. If you have a positive and a high life condition, even stage 3 cancer can be defeated in some very lucky cases.


Facts about Stage 3 Cancer

Cancer has been the biggest threat to every human being as the last stage 3 cancer can make the patient collapse and they end up in counting their days to be alive in this world. Although there are much awareness about cancer, its causes and treatment, many people get affected due to the change in their lifestyle. Cancer can affect any part of the human body. Mostly all the cancer types have three stages to recover from it. Stage 3 cancer is the most difficult and people in it are very much difficult to survive in this little world. Stage 3 in cancer occurs rarely as the current generation all types of chemotherapy and other operations to recover from any type of cancer. Patients who indeed get late treatment without knowing the face that they are affected by cancer can push them to stage 3.

Stage 3 cancer can be cured or not be cured, but such patients can be treated. These treatments cannot help them survive their life in this world, yet, it can make them stay until the expected date to pass away from everyone. Researchers are working day and night to find a cure for cancer patients in the stage 3. Although the rate of people who die because of their incurable cancer is low, the researchers have taken a note to save each and every human being in this world.

Median life expectancy in cancer patients who are under stage 3 is around 650 days for persons in stage 3A and 390 days for persons in stage 3B. Only 23% of people who got diagnosed in the third stage are said live for 5 long years. 10% of people who were in stage 3B are said to live for 5 long years.

Many cancer patients are pushed to the third stage as their body condition is not suitable to the radiations that help in destroying the cancer cells. Although the cancer cells can be completely destroyed during chemotherapy process, some of the normal cells are affects that makes the person go deaf and dumb and sometimes blind. Such person does not have the immune level to accept the higher level radiation and thus the cancer cells reappear and make them walk towards the third stage.

Only people who were said to be healthy during the time of diagnosis are said to get fully cured from cancer. Some of the patients are intended to take diagnosis even though their body condition is not good to accept it. This situation occurs when the person has not been treated for cancer in the yesteryears and the cancer cells have been developed to the extreme level where the body condition is not taken on a note to perform the diagnosis.

If any of your family members have been affected by cancers and have not survived after the third stage, then you should have a full body check-up and protect yourself. Having a healthy life can say a big no to cancer. Stage 3 cancer can be treated, yet, it is not curable.